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About Us

Creating high-performing organizations for years to come.

To empower and equip organizations with the tools needed to dismantle systems, eliminate barriers, and improve outcomes through intentional focus on people, practices, and policies.

Our Story

Legacy Work Consulting, LLC is a minority-owned consulting firm providing healthcare and educational support to organizations. With over 40 years of combined experience working in the Southeast and Midwest, our lived experience, knowledge, and track record of success will assist organizations to ensure EVERYONE is valued and belongs. Legacy Work Consulting partners with organizations to improve healthcare and education inequities. We will work with your organization to provide strategic plans, design programs, and determine policy recommendations to address health and education equity for marginalized populations in the community. We will work with you to aggressively and efficiently dismantle and eliminate inequitable policies, practices, systems, and structures that create disadvantages for underserved families. Legacy Work Consulting believes that it is imperative for organizations to embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to improve outcomes and enhance operational efficiency for years to come.

Meet The Team

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